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The Faculty 


In today’s world creative and artistic actors have increasingly prominent roles to play within social and cultural contexts. As an Institute, we make it a priority to adapt to changes by continuously seeking to identify strategies which enable training to evolve to meet the changing needs of our learners and the workforce.

With the support of our key stakeholders, we will continue to provide quality education and training for all of our learners to enable them to shine and achieve their goals and ambitions, both academic and professional. At SIAD, we want our learners to achieve their full potential. They are encouraged to experiment and develop unique experience in their respective area of specialization or field of study.

The various programmes on offer at SIAD not only provide learners with the technical competencies required by programme content, but also transferable skills such as critical awareness, creativity, problem solving and effective communication - all of which are crucial to successful engagement with the world of work and the creative careers which thrive within a more globalised cultural environmental context.


It is indeed gratifying to mention that our learners and staff continue to participate in activities at national and international level to showcase their talents. SIAD acknowledges the myriad of artistic talents which both our staff and learners are endowed with and which are manifested in their work on a daily basis.

Mrs Christine Chetty Payet  

Director - Seychelles Institute of Art and Design

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