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The mandate of the Seychelles Institute of Art and Design is to prepare and train learners to service the growing needs of the creative and cultural industries in Seychelles and beyond.




Vision: To be an institute that inspires all genders to support the future needs and expectations of the creative industry.


Mission: To provide a valuable learning experience for learners to become creative thinkers and contribute towards the further development of the creative industry.

Core Values

  • Equity and inclusivity: To provide equal opportunities for training for all, irrespective of social status, race, gender, religious belief, age, special needs or academic background.


  • Teamwork: To promote a culture of collaboration and teamwork within the institute.


  • Caring: To foster a supportive learning and working environment that promotes a culture of care and sense of belonging for the positive transformation of our community.


  • Creativity: To encourage the development of creativity and passion for the promotion of independent thinkers.


  • Flexibility: To promote a culture of tolerance and adapt to changes within the environment for an improved work-life balance and productivity.

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