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Secondary Student visit SIAD During the April School holidays 

S5 students from different secondary schools visited SIAD during the April holiday. The main purpose of the visit was to expose students with the different programmes on offer which will hopefully enable them make more informed career decisions.

Embracing the spirit of Labour Day. Enjoying a day of fun and relaxation.

Embracing the spirit of Labour Day. Enjoying a day of fun and relaxation. Labour Day 2024.

The SIAD Art Bazaar is back for its second year

The Seychelles Institute of Art and Design (SIAD) hosted its anticipated annual SIAD Art Bazaar for the second time, drawing crowds to its campus yesterday. Showcasing the creativeness of SIAD learners, the event boasted a diverse array of items for sale, spanning from fashion and textile, to fine art, soft furnishings, and graphic design works. Attendees present also had the chance to engage with learners and staff members, which SIAD shred aids in fostering valuable connections that could be beneficial for future career opportunities. The success of last year's inaugural SIAD Bazaar led the institute's management committee to emphasise its importance as a key part of learners' studies. By offering a platform for learners to display their work and engage with industry professionals, the bazaar provides valuable practical experience and exposure to the visual arts market. Additionally, it offers opportunities for personal and professional development, fostering the growth of learners' talents and readiness for the creative industry.

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