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The Seychelles Institute of Art and Design (SIAD) formerly known as the School of
Art and Design has over the years produced graduates who are contributing fully in
the socio-economic development of the country. A good number of SIAD’s
graduates are well known entrepreneurs, business men/women, successful artists
and designers. There are also quite a number who occupy prominent positions in
the society. With the setting up of the Committee, the Institute intends to bring these
success stories to light to inspire future generations of artists and designers in order
to help them make more informed decisions about their future careers.

The official launching of the SIAD Alumni Committee took place on Thursday 7 th
September 2023 at the Maison Marengo Restaurant in the presence of the Minister
of Education, Dr Justin Valentin, the SIAD Governing Board Chairperson Mr Martin
Kennedy, SIAD Alumni, Staff and other distinguished guests.

Furthermore, the setting up the Alumni Committee is expected to play an important
role in helping to shape the future of SIAD by representing the views of its members
and contributing to building an engaged and supportive alumni community
appropriate to our context.

The main objectives of the SIAD Alumni Committee include:


  •  Developing and bringing together a group of passionate and supportive

alumni who will be actively engaged in the life of the institute and support it as
ambassadors and volunteers;

  • Connecting fellow alumni as a way of creating career and social opportunities;

  • Reconnecting with past lecturers and staff;

  • Providing opportunities for expanding our graduate’s professional network.

(Graduates will have the opportunity to network with recent grads as well as
graduates several years their senior and these connections can lead to
internships, jobs, clients, partnerships and other valuable career opportunities);

  • Remaining in touch with the institute and fellow alumni while also expanding their

networks to enhance their professional opportunities and,

  • Fostering a spirit of loyalty.

SIAD admires the multiple roles its Alumni are playing in our society. They are
making valuable contributions towards the development of the creative industries in Seychelles and beyond.

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